Hau! (Hi!) I am Katie, also know as, Hanwi Mani Ota Win.

My focus is primarily on practicing the power from within to reach a balanced lifestyle for myself and in helping others in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical realms.

Life surely wasn’t designed to be all sunshine and rainbows. Tested along the way with trials and tributes to overcome our most difficult challenges can propel us into a transformational healing process that will release the ego and promote love from within and love for others while acknowledging a deeper appreciation and perspective of life and the current path we are on. It is through this process that I have found my way gravitating toward Native American practices (specifically Lakota), rituals, sustainable living and learning bushcraft to grow my skills as an outdoors’ woman.

I’m new to the herbal and medicinal studies and am loving the learning process! I enjoy connecting with the plant kingdom and learning the ancient wisdom of healing through nature. During the spring and summer you are most likely to find me enjoying the sunshine while gardening and planting sunflowers or watching the wildlife on the lake, at the bird feeders or in the willow and oak trees!

My teachers and mentors have ranged from friends and professionals practicing Reiki, Shamanism and the like. Though some of my best teachers take the form of feathered and pawed friends! My heart is closely tied to animals and creatures of all kinds – yes, this especially includes the creepy crawlies!

I enjoy expressing myself through my art whether it be in painting, pottery or a new crafting project. The idea of creating to me means FREEDOM of expression! If anyone needs an art and crafts buddy you know who to call!

Mother nature extends her healing branches to each of us. If we are able to stop, take a moment to breathe and calm our mind, we can see she has provided us with everything we need to live and sustain life for all of earth’s creatures. It is our goal to share this wisdom with others in hopes to create an Old Earth way of living and being.

I am grateful to be apart of this Old Earth Project Group comprised of outstanding friends. I am beyond excited to share our OEP wisdom with others!

Be the change you wish to see in the world! =)


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